The Sexual & Government Revolution: A Postmortem of Western Culture


The Progressive established concept of Intersectionality is applied in the context of various different group identities. It is often used as a sort of amplification tool to increase the stature or validity of one’s own opinions. Being a Black Woman, for example, makes your opinion powerful. However, being a Black Woman who transitioned from being a man and also a homosexual places you at nearly the top of the list of opinion power.

The concept of Intersectionality, in my opinion, has greater validity when it comes to ideas. We can examine several unrelated ideas and see how they combine to form a serious problem. In the case of today’s topic, it is the death of Western Culture.

This thought was spurred after seeing reports in Bloomberg that 40% of all births now take place outside of marriage.

Forty percent of all births in the U.S. now occur outside of wedlock, up from 10 percent in 1970, according to an annual report released on Wednesday by the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), the largest international provider of sexual and reproductive health services. That number is even higher in the European Union.

This is a frightening statistic for a multitude of reasons. Even so, the act of nearly half of births taking place outside of Marriage did not occur in a vacuum. This was a statistic born of various different ideas. The erosion of Marriage, the Sexual Revolution, Government Entitlements, and Abortion, have all combined to produce it.

The Sexual Revolution is perhaps the best starting point for this discussion. As a culture, we placed many boundaries around sexual intercourse. These cultural enforcements were born of experience. Prior to this period, people had to depend heavily on family for their care. Government services were unable to provide the kind of stand-in for family who provided for the needs of all. As such, being reckless with one’s sexual behavior had serious consequences for more than just the individual involved. 

That all changed in the 1960’s when the Sexual Revolution began. In addition to the various other influences it had, it was the central point of breaking down cultural norms. Aspects such as sex outside marriage, single motherhood, or birth of children outside marriage, were becoming more acceptable. It was also born of the rise of contraception which prevented pregnancy.

The Sexual Revolution would never have been realized without the technology to prevent, or abort pregnancy. This had one major side-effect that, to this day, seems to go mostly undisclosed within Western Culture. Gender relationships have always placed Women in control of choosing a partner. Because pregnancy was a byproduct of sex prior to contraception, women were much more careful about choosing the men they would sleep with. It was no longer simply about looks or a pleasure based transaction, but about whether this was a man who could provide everything necessary to be a husband and a father. This, in turn, forced men to be of good quality in order to make the cut. Poor quality men found themselves with poor quality women, or so the theory would go.

That all changed once risk of pregnancy no longer applied. Now, Women were free to choose partners based only on their ability to provide them pleasure or comfort. Thus, we gave rise to the “bad boy” stereotype. Women were now free to pursue physical relationships with men who would make terrible husbands, and terrible fathers, without the risk of them becoming so. This, in turn, stripped the need of quality within men and actively encouraged poor quality men to remain so. 

The secret the women’s movement avoids revealing, is if women want higher quality men, they need to stop reinforcing the behavior of lower quality men. No longer does a man need to be a good husband or father to attract women. Now, all a man needs is an attractive physique or resources to provide for her comfort. Everything else is optional.

Abortion, by extension, simply exasperated the situation. In the case of an unwanted pregnancy, men simply needed to provide funding for a woman to abort a child and avoid all responsibility. Abortion provided yet another mechanism that women could use to avoid needing to choose a high quality man to sleep with. 

Throughout all this, there has been several interesting developments. Women’s perceptions of male quality exist entirely with their attractiveness and their arrogance has only grown. Recent statistics show that Women find 80% of men to be below average in attractiveness. This means that 80% of men are competing for the bottom 20% of women. Without other factors being introduced, due to a lack of pregnancy consideration, this means relationships are largely based on looks and personality rather than character or integrity.

As government services have grown, and the stigma of unmarried child births have declined, so too has the expectations of Marriage. Make no mistake, Marriage is for the purpose of having children. Without the presence of children, there is very little purpose in being married. Modern day marriages tend to be nothing more than a contractual guarantee that Women always have access to the resources of other Men. Statistics show, for example, that 80% of all divorces are initiated by women and the risk of divorce increases as a woman’s earnings meet or exceed those of her partner. Marriage, today, is simply about being provided for.

When contraception fails, when abortion is not desired, and low quality men become fathers, the final nail enters the picture. Single motherhood is no longer stigmatized, and men are allowed to simply send a check instead of being expected to be a father. In fact, single mothers are often seen having greater virtue than stay at home moms. Worse yet, Stay at Home Mothers are now stigmatized because they are seen to be a hindrance to modern day Feminism which expects women to be career oriented and independent.

While we are celebrating Single Motherhood, we have to acknowledge that for most children of Single Moms, there is an absent Father. The truth of the situation is simple. Single Mothers, guided only by their desire for pleasure and their freedom to choose low quality men, end up making poor choices and end up in their situation. Allowing those low quality men to be absent from their families only reinforces their behavior by sparing them of consequences.

The impact is seen most heavily in Black families, where currently only 39% of Black children live with both parents.

It found that a majority of the 73.7 million American children under age 18 live in families with two parents (69 percent)—a decrease from 88 percent in 1960. Of those 50.7 million children living in families with two parents, 47.7 million live with two married parents and 3 million live with two unmarried parents.

Broken down by race, however, the statistics show stark differences.  The percentage of White children under 18 who live with both parents almost doubles that of Black children, according to the data. While 74.3 percent of all White children below the age of 18 live with both parents, only 38.7 percent of African-American minors can say the same.

This has a huge number of effects. Studies have shown that children who live in households with both parents, and are married, tend to perform better overall in life.

Two-parent households don’t just tend to have more money (which they might spend on tutors, museums, books or simply better health care and groceries). They also have more time (which they might spend on homework help, library visits and bedtime reading). Add the time factor to the parenting qualities I mentioned earlier (patience, commitment), and it’s possible that part of the marriage effect is really a “parenting effect”: Children with married parents also have more engaged parents, and it’s the engagement that really matters.

When women choose men of high quality because they plan to have children with them, they tend to provide the very foundation needed to raise children of high quality. Likewise, when women choose low quality men due to their freedom via contraception, those men don’t stick around when pregnancy happens and those children end up often performing worse in life. As generations of single parent children grow up, they are more likely to commit crimes and make poor life choices themselves. It creates a negative feedback loop, generating more men of poor quality, and more women who choose low quality men for personal pleasure.

In the end, we have the death of Western Culture. Western Culture was built on the backs of high quality people via hard work or vast intelligence. Via various factors, we are now producing large amounts of low quality people who rely more and more on government services to survive. We tolerate sexual behavior that result in life-altering consequences. Even worse, the single mothers to emerge are celebrated, and the absent fathers are tolerated. We have destroyed the traditional family structure via a lack of consequences or need, which is the foundation of Western Society.

This is a death spiral by which our culture cannot survive unless we begin to demand better behavior of each other. As our culture continues to adopt Postmodernism, by which “my truth” is seen supreme over all, this problem will only continue to get worse. As we celebrate women who make poor choices in men, we end up with more children growing up with absent parents or who live in poverty

The solution is simple. Women need to be encouraged to choose high quality men by enforcement of cultural pressures regarding sex. In doing so, men will be forced to become of higher quality or end up alone. Finally, culturally pressuring couples to get married will ensure they stay out of poverty and provide better environments for their children. All of this will foster the kind of culture that has allowed the West to become a beacon of prosperity for the world.

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