Progressivism is about Power, not Justice


As we come off of a historic weekend with the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh as the newest Supreme Court Justice, we are reminded of the true intentions of the Progressive movement. As the Postmortems are being written of the Democrat’s handling of this confirmation, the familiar theme of Power continues to be thrust into the forefront of the national discussion. Whether the issue is about race, gender, or climate change, the root issue is never about the issue itself but how the issue positions Progressives in their quest for power and control. 

Peter Beinart over at The Atlantic penned a piece claiming that the problem with the Kavanaugh confirmation was not tribalism, but a lack of justice.

For most of American history, Supreme Court nominees—like virtually all powerful men—could sexually assault women with complete impunity. Now, because allegations of such behavior sparked a raucous, intemperate political fight, America has hit “rock bottom,” a “nadir.” How much better things were in the good old days, when sexual-assault allegations didn’t polarize the confirmation process, because sexual-assault victims were politically invisible.

Beinart goes on, painting a picture of the ideological battle between Democrats and Republicans, but stops short of drawing any kind of equivalency between them. Indeed, as one would suspect, he argues that the ideological battle waged by Progressives is much greater and clearly much more noble. It isn’t long before the all too familiar theme comes out.

There is no equivalence between the “bigotry” faced by preppy lacrosse players and that faced by black males. There’s no equivalence, because preppy lacrosse players, in general, enjoy far more privilege and power and thus, the stereotypes people hold of them don’t generally land them in jail or dead. Similarly, there is no equivalence between the “bigotry” faced by men accused of sexual assault and the “bigotry” faced by women who suffer it. There’s no equivalence, because men wield far more power.

Ah, there it is. You see, it isn’t bigotry when it happens to the Duke Lacrosse players because they enjoy “far more privilege and power” and this somehow doesn’t land them in jail or dead. Never mind that the allegations leveled at the 3 players still haunt them to this day as anyone can google their names and find out who they are. I suspect getting a job isn’t easy, nor keeping one. However, we’re supposed to place the challenges faced by people like Crystal Mangum above those of the Lacrosse players because she’s black. I suppose her murder conviction for killing her boyfriend was yet another casualty of a racist system looking to oppress people because of their skin color.

Finally, however, we see a twisting of the reasons for what the Kavanaugh “struggle” was all about.

The struggle over Kavanaugh was, at its core, a struggle between people who want gender relations to change and people who want them to remain the same. And throughout American history, whenever oppressed groups and their supporters have agitated for change, respectable moderates have warned that they were fomenting incivility and division.

Did you see that slight of hand there? Somehow, Beinart manages to bypass the entire real story and somehow manages to land back on the Civil Rights struggles of Blacks in America. Brilliant, if it wasn’t so obvious and wrong. It also gives permission for the very lack of civility we have all endured or witnessed over the past several weeks. You see, it isn’t really a lack of civility, its people advocating for change. DUH, totally different!

These are just agents for change folks, nothing to see here. 

Let’s cut to the chase everyone because I know you’re all smart enough to see though the smoke. The confirmation of Kavanaugh ceased being about the Supreme Court when Senator Feinstein decided to play political games with the confirmation process. It was never about seeking the truth, or about justice. If it was about the truth, we would have seen these allegations come out the moment they were reported. If it were about Justice, then someone’s attorney would have filed a report and pressed charges with the police. Despite claims that Maryland police are ready to investigate, no report has been filed.

This is about power. Whether it is Progressives, who seek power for the purposes of establishing their perfect utopia, or Postmodernists who seek power to smash the philosophy of the enlightenment period, it is all the same. Progressives obtain power by dividing people into various groups and then they obtain their obedience by awarding them victim status. Nothing is their fault, every problem they have is caused by some nameless and faceless person. They hear only the government can overcome that oppression, and the government needs their vote and support to do so. 

This is how Democrat politicians get elected into office. This is how Democrats continue to control cities like Chicago and Balitmore for decades upon decades. Meanwhile, crime rates in these cities skyrocket and families suffer. In San Francisco, the Democrat controlled city has stopped enforcing public offenses, and thus the homeless population has gotten out of control. The issue is so huge, they are having a public health crisis because of the amount of public defecation and urination.

Yet, the residents of these cities keep voting Democrats into office. They do so, because they are told all their problems are the cause of someone else. Only their vote can prevent these evil people from making things worse. It is something akin to the North Korea Propaganda, where the outside world is made to look even worse than the hellhole where North Koreans live.

This power and control is what drives the Progressive agenda and fuels everything they do. It is the reason they do not debate or verbally engage with the opposition. Why debate with someone who has no power to give you and doesn’t exist within the same level of the hierarchy? Again, we need only to listen to THEIR words to understand the true objective.

For progressives, the central questions of public policy revolve around who has power, why they have that power and how it can be more fairly distributed. Progressives do not believe anyone should have the power to deny an adult the right to marry the person they love, the power to wage an expensive and destructive war under false pretenses, or the power to destroy millions of lives through economic greed and irresponsibility. We also question the system that granted anyone those powers in the first place, and ask whether a better way of doing things is possible. Anyone who agrees with this approach is more of a progressive than they may have imagined.

They reject the American founding. They reject American values, morals and ethics. These things, you see, resulted in too much power in the hands of too few people. As such, Progressives have convinced huge amounts of Americans that THEY will have the power over others. All they have to do is surrender their rights, and their votes. Meanwhile, this siren song convinces a possible majority of Americans that the wealth and property of the wealthiest Americans should be seized. After all, it was obtained illegitimately, and thus forfeit.

These ideas are not compatible with the philosophy that founded this country. There is no middle ground, hence why compromising with Progressives is not just a waste of time but serves only their agenda. They seek power and control over everyone in the nation. They have no intention on fairly or evenly distributing power, they intend to seize it for their own uses. After all, Progressives are made up of our academic intelligentsia who fancy pretty and expensive things. All their hard work should be rewarded, and they will help themselves to whatever they please.

Progressivism is about oppression of the individual in favor of the group. Its ideas are not compatible with American Individualism, and cannot be allowed to gain a foothold within America.

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