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EP 4. We are forever changed by Kavanaugh Hearings

September 29th, 2018: The Kavanaugh hearings have reshaped both our cultural and political landscapes. It exposed the true fight taking place in politics, and the path forward for the GOP.

Dan Bongino Show:

Kavanaugh Opening Statement:

Ep. 3 Its Time to Talk to Each Other

September 23, 2018: This week, I take time away from current events to speak about a broader issue, namely that of where our discourse is going. I frame the issue through the use of twitter, and how twitter both fits but also influences our current political dialog.

Ep. 2 The Context of Judge Kavanaugh

September 18, 2018: In Episode 2, I discuss the ongoing saga of Judge Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court and critique the situation through historical context of the Democrats, as well as the parties involved.




American Spectator:


Political Insider:

Ep. 1: There is no Money

September 11th, 2018: The single most important method of examining the events in Washington, or politics in general, is via the concept of Debt. Whether it be Federal, State, Local, or Personal Debt, it is a concept which puts all the events of politics into their proper context. They are nothing more than a dog and pony show.

I discuss the various aspects of our American national debt, why it will eventually lead us to ruin, and help you understand the details and causes of this debt.

I also discuss some basics of the podcast, its purpose, and what you can expect.