Feminism’s True Goal: The Dis-empowerment of Women


Among all the various social justice movements of Progressives, Feminism remains one of the single most contradictory of them all. A movement, designed and built with the purpose of obtaining equality for women, has resulted in returning women to a state of servitude. While many Progressive women opine about being in a real world version of The Handmaid’s Tale, they instead display affection to the very people actually controlling them. The modern feminist movement has turned women into a political weapon, and all it took was convincing them they are still property of men.

Let’s first, look at some examples:

This is the state of the world as it exists in 2018, where people are convinced they are living in a fictional dystopia in which women are slaves. In a metaphorical matter, this is a true case. At some point along the history of feminism, women shifted from obtaining equal rights and instead assumed the role of the perpetual victim. For some women, this role is an easy one to play. Victim-hood awards all positive behavior while avoiding responsibility for all negative behavior. Victims cannot be blamed for their actions, nor inaction, and thus hold power and authority over all other creatures.

No modern example could be more apparent than the nation’s reaction to Dr. Christine Ford. Dr. Ford found herself exempt from normal requirements of evidence and facts when levying an accusation of a crime. Her status as a victim of sexual assault made her beyond reproach, while the accused man was held to impossible standards of proof to gain his innocence. Demands of equality that are a cornerstone of our justice system were met with accusations of sexism or the furthering of the patriarchy. 

The truth is much more sinister. The Progressive ideology thrives on group politics, where people are categorized based on various factors and then they are ranked in order of importance. The purpose is to turn women into their own political movement, united by their femininity with the purpose of “shattering the glass ceiling” or something. This is a problem without a solution, as is all aspects of equality. Men and women are fundamentally and biologically different.

Ooops! Am I even allowed to say that anymore? 

The truth is Progressives, even Progressive women, don’t care about all women. Their measure of caring is proportional to the amount of value any particular woman brings to the ideological cause. The moment any woman no longer steps to the correct beat, she is attacked and destroyed. In fact, as I write this blog, Susan Collins is being wrecked on social media for opting to vote YES for Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Yes, woman power so long as you carry the right political beliefs. If not then the women of America will disown you, destroy you and cast you out as a traitor to your gender. While this is indeed a major flaw within the feminist movement, it is not the only one. 

The moment has created various different situations which create false expectations and set women up for living unsatisfied lives. It teaches women that the source of their negative feelings or failures in life, is due to the oppression of men and our male dominated society. It shuns previously accepted behaviors such as being a stay at home mom, marriage, and even some nutcases who believe every sexual act in marriage is “rape” by their standards. It forces feminists to see the world through the lens of gender inequality.

Feminism takes the difficulties and challenges of men and women interacting and pushes them into the political realm. Actions of both genders which previously were attributed to simple differences in genders, are now seen as intentional and malevolent. The truth is these gender relationships are very complicated, and have become more complex as women entered into the workforce.

While many innocent and well meaning women get caught up in the drama, there are a number of politically active or savvy women who have seized upon the state of our society as a way of gaining an advantage. Feminism sets men up to be the loser in every category. With respect to the Judge Kavanagh confirmation, we now see the ugly reality of a legal system in which sexual assault crimes can be used as a weapon against men. No longer is it necessary to meet the tall burden of proof in a court of law, the #metoo movement has given women permission to air their accusations in public, without evidence and without any proven facts. The result are men who lose careers, families, or sometimes take their own lives.

None of this empowers women at all. It destroys the trust that men and women have with each other. With that trust destroyed, women will begin to find one previously open doors, closed. As Matt Patterson for American Thinker points out, there are new rules for men: 

Don’t hire women.  Where accusations against men are concerned, proof is no longer required, nor presumption of innocence granted. Under these circumstances, why on earth would a man hire any woman or interact with any woman in a professional setting?

If a man must interact with a woman in a professional setting, he should do so as little as possible and always with a third and fourth party present (one of whom should be a man).  Never under any circumstances should a man be alone with a female co-worker.  No written communication with a woman co-worker should take place without a boss or supervisor and at least one male co-worker copied on the correspondence. Ditto with text and telephone communications.

There are many more, and the article is worth a read if you’re someone interested in protecting a lifetime of hard work and sacrifice. The author encourages men to enact the Mike Pence Rule, where the only woman he meets with alone is his wife. If this were enacted on a grand scale, it would be a huge setback for women in the professional landscape. Every woman would be seen as a potential time bomb that waits for the most damaging opportunity to explode. Blackmail, revenge, extortion, all are ample motives to hold powerful men hostage with nothing more than a twitter account and a good sounding story.

In the end, this produces the very kind of environment Progressives want for women. Whether it is gender inequality, climate change, or any other of the social justice issues, all of these problems are designed to never have a solution. Men and women will always be unequal in some sense because we are different. However, the quest to level the playing field involves the destruction of men and women who do not support the cause. In the end, it is the political movement that wins while the rest of us are left worse as a result. 

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