As America attempts to restore itself to a state of normalcy this weekend following the Judiciary Hearings, social media does not seem to have contained the firestorm that is still burning. As such, I’ve been reviewing the numerous posts and tweets and continuing to observe a familiar trend.

America has always been a country of many cultures, but not perhaps in the respect that modern day Prorgessives imagine. We have a strictly American culture, which is noted by our keen interest in speaking our minds, our inability to quit, and our world famous pride for our flag. However, we have many different cultures that exist within America because of the vast landmass we enjoy. People in New York are very different than people in Southern Georgia. America’s entire design via Federalism was exactly to account for this difference.

The Progressive movement, much like Socialism and Communisim which are its kissing cousins, cannot be instituted voluntarily. When it is brought to its full form, Progressive ideology is anti-freedom and anti-individual, all in service to grand ideas like “equality” and “fairness” of which neither exist. This means that force must be applied to require the population to accept the ideology, and that has brought us to our present day issues.

What the hearings with Judge Kavanaugh and Dr. Ford have shown us, is the two Americas are very much a real thing and the tensions between the two are getting worse. Both sides are being stoked by the media, a lack of curiosity about facts and information, and the lack of rational discussion on social media. This leads to a total blackout of face-to-face interaction and ends with the dehumanization of the “other”, politically speaking. 

The two sides are quite distinguishable based on their own characteristics. Progressives have approached the whole situation with emotion. They push the millions of American women, victims of sexual violence, to the front of the line and illogically attempt to use their pain as a manipulation tactic. We saw this on display with Senator Flake being trapped in an elevator by several woman alleging to be sexual assault victims.

Progressives have become masters of weaponizing the trauma and pain of victims, and all in the name of more governmental power and control. In this instance, we are supposed to bypass our societal standards of innocent until proven guilty, and skip right to the sentencing. The “public” has found Kavanaugh guilty, and his punishment is the destruction of a lifetime of accomplishments and his reputation. It is a double standard that is only reserved for the unwashed masses of non-progressives in America. The same standard has not been afforded to people like Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or even more recently to Keith Ellison. As these intimidation and manipulation tactics are successful, like with Flake, they only escalate. 

It is the opinion of this author that reconciliation will only come when Progressives have experienced the full breadth of their ideology, and reject it. Conservatives and even some Libertarians have long held that rational debate and being informed of the facts would be enough to bring people around. However, we have seen via the #walkaway movement that experience of having the left turn on people is what triggers them to open their eyes. 

Matt Daemon opened for SNL’s new season this weekend with a skit making fun of Brett Kavanaugh’s testimony. This skit is an honor which likely will never be bestowed upon Dr. Ford, as rumors are circulating that individuals on twitter have already been suspended who made fun of her “baby” like voice. Daemon, however, would never want to live in Kavanuah’s world as evidence by his own words.

This is ultimately why we are in serious danger as a country. As long as one side of the debate refuses to live under the very rules and standards they push on everyone else, there is unlikely to be any resolution. The only solution, in the opinion of this author, is to hold them to the same standards they advertise and deny them any and all political power possible. Perhaps after they have been the victim of the governmental weapon they helped create, they might be more receptive to the flaws in their thinking. 

This exposes the overall disconnect we have in American society. The very rules enforced by Progressives are not enforced when it comes to people carrying their banner. These rules are only for their enemies or opponents. This is an unsustainable situation within a country that believes in equality before the law. There is no easy solution, except to hold them to the same outrageous standards they advertise.

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